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Spring 2019

Mineral Farmer’s Market

Now in its twelfth year, the Mineral Farmer’s Market is a Lake Anna “must do.” Located just five miles north of Dickinson’s Store in the town of Mineral, summer Saturdays are bustling on an otherwise empty field.

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Lake Anna Deals with Harmful Algae Blooms

For over 40 years, Lake Anna has been a nearly pristine jewel in the Commonwealth’s crown… the jewel is sparkling a little less brightly right now, however, as harmful algae blooms (HABs) have reared their ugly heads.

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Pickleball, Anyone?

“Don’t volley in the kitchen” might be something you can imagine your mother saying to you as a child when you picked up your ball and ran past her boiling pots on the hot stove. However, it is actually a rule in the popular game of pickleball.

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The Cove at Lake Anna

The Cove at Lake Anna has come into its fifth season in 2020. We remember the first year with all of the challenges, remodeling, staff, heartbreak, and excitement of what was to come.

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Freedom Boat Club

The management of Freedom Boat Club (FBC) Virginia would like to answer some common questions about the service they provide around the state and right here on Lake Anna.

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The “Spirits” of Lake Anna

Lake Anna has its share of ghost stories floating around, particularly because it experienced its share of battles during the Civil War. However, there is another story of “spirits” that also attracts visitors – the liquid kind of spirits.

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K&M Lawn, Garden, and Arborist Supplies

Excellent customer service, knowledgeable staff, and high-quality brands continue to make K&M Lawn, Garden, and Arborist Supplies a top choice for homeowners and businesses searching for outdoor equipment or repairs.

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