Green Together:
REC Focuses on Reliability

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) is proud of its 80-year history, and today the co-op stands committed to maintaining reliable electric service while offering renewable energy sources, green technology, and working with its members to stay Green Together.

REC’s electric vehicle, the Chevy Bolt, is a magnet for members who want to learn about electric vehicle charging. Co-op members enjoy learning from employees how the car works, its capabilities, and its limitations. The Bolt is just one of the many tools REC utilizes to demonstrate its commitment to the environment and sustainable energy. In addition to the electric vehicle, the following represent some of REC’s efforts to work with members to become Green Together.

Cooperative Sunshare: Through this program, REC members can enjoy some of the benefits and attributes that traditional rooftop solar provides without the challenges of ownership such as high upfront costs, construction, and financing. Each participating member will pay a flat and fixed rate of $5.33 per Solar Block (50 kWh) per month for supply service.

This voluntary, subscription-based program allows residential members to purchase solar blocks up to an amount equal to their lowest metered kilowatt-hour usage in the past twelve months.

Residential Renewable Energy: Net Metering with REC allows members to install renewable energy sources – such as solar panels – to produce electricity. When members generate more electricity than is being used, the excess energy flows into the power grid, and the meter registers an energy credit. When a member’s energy use exceeds their generation output, the meter will run forward as normal.

Community Solar Learning Center: The 10kW solar photovoltaic generation system at REC’s Fredericksburg office is about two times larger than a typical residential solar installation. Over the past few years, it has served as a learning tool not only for REC members, but also for school groups and others interested in understanding more about how solar energy works.

Cree Lighting Discounts: REC has partnered with Cree Lighting to provide members a special offer: a 4-pack of Cree Better Light LED 60-watt equivalent bulbs and/or a 3-pack of Cree LED bulbs for 6-inch recessed cans.

These LEDs come with a 10-year 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, true all-around lighting, and a long LED lifetime lasting 27+ years. Plus, they are ENERGY STAR-qualified.

REC’s energy experts are always available and eager to work with members on any questions they have related to their energy use, energy efficiency, or renewable energy. As advances in green technology and renewable energy options continue, REC remains committed to working with co-op members to stay Green Together! Learn more at