Lake Anna Linens


Marie Snyder and her  family have always loved spending time on Virginia lakes, includ- ing Lake Anna right in her own

“back yard.” While renting vacation homes at Smith Mountain Lake, camping at Clay- tor Lake, or just spending time at Lake Anna, Marie saw a need that fit so well into her background in hospitality and customer service to provide high-quality bed and bath linens to vacationers  so they could spend more time relaxing.

Lake Anna Linens is based on two premises: high quality products and exceptional customer service.  “People  work hard for their vacations  and want to enjoy  themselves up until the  very end,” Marie explained.

The whole Snyder family helps get the job done. Pictured beginning at left are Paul, Caleb, Marie, Wyatt, Ethan, and Tristan (Submitted photo).

“Spending the last day at the lake or the first day home in front of a washing machine isn’t a great end to vacation. Most people take linens for granted until they use something that is low quality or not as soft as they are used to. With Lake Anna Linens, that won’t happen. You’ll never experience low-quality bedding, hard scratchy towels, or poor service.”

Because she and her family have never rented a home on Lake Anna, Marie  had originally thought this market was already established. She soon found out that rental homes  that  provide   linens  were a rare commodity. Thus, where there’s a need, there’s an opportunity.  In early February 2015, Marie soon laid the groundwork for what would become Lake Anna Linens.

Lake Anna Linens’ office is centrally located at the lake on Kentucky Springs Road just one mile from Food Lion (Submitted photo).

“It was a lot of hard work getting it started,” Marie admit- ted. “It wasn’t just selling a new product;  it  was selling a new concept. It only made sense to start with the rental companies in the area.” Dockside Realty and Lake  Anna Realty  were definitely  open to  the  service and became Lake Anna Linens’ first clients.

Rental  companies  want to provide their clients with the best service and vacation experience, so linens were a natural addition to their service models. After trying Lake Anna Linens’ service on an “upon request” basis for a summer, Dockside Realty now includes linens in all of their houses.

Marie  then reached  out to homeowners and property managers and offered them Lake  Anna Linens’  “Signature   Service.” Owners and managers know that this deep- ly-discounted service makes their home more attractive to renters. They also have peace of mind knowing  that their home is always ready for the next guest – even last- minute renters.

Lake Anna  Linens has a program  to fit every rental scenario. One owner recently said, “After using this service for a summer, I can’t imagine ever going back.”

It soon became  apparent  that this company was not a one-person operation. That’s when the whole Snyder family of four sons and a husband joined in, making this truly a “family business.” Everyone  chips in; everyone does everything – well, almost. Marie makes sure the schedule is up-to-date and that inventory is ready to go. Then with the help of the family and some added contract workers, the deliveries and laundry pick-ups begin.

Some of Lake Anna Linens’ orders bagged and ready to go (Submitted photo).

“I can’t imagine doing anything else,” Marie remarked. “We’ve  met some great people,  made  some truly good friends, gotten to know our community better, all while making someone’s vacation more care-free  and enjoyable.   If  everything goes right, the vacationers  never see us. Our goal  is to help the homeowners get great  reviews  and return  renters.  Great bedding and towels can mean the differ- ence between a 2 rating and a 5.”

So that owners can see the value of what they could be getting, Marie  offers a free trial of her linen services. For more information about their “Signature Service”  and to discuss their other programs – or to request a free trial – contact Lake Anna Linens at (804) 370-0233. It’s not as expensive as you might think!