Boardwalk Miniature Golf

In 2015 Mark Conley and David Brizzolara, owners of C&B Games, Inc., had the vision to expand their amusement business by putting a miniature golf course on the Boardwalk at Lake Anna. They knew they wanted it to be professionally designed with 18 holes and have flowing water features. After extensive research, they started working with Harris Golf out of New Jersey to build their course. Construction began in February of 2016, and due to all of the rain that year, the job was delayed substantially. The crew barely finished on Friday evening, May 27, which was nerve racking since they were due to open May 28 at 10 a.m. for the Memorial Day weekend!

Opening day went off without a hitch and was very exciting. However, the next few months would prove to be a little trying. The year before construction began, they had heard many reports about the severe droughts at Lake Anna and how the lake would get to the point where you could see the bottom in places. This was bad for boating, but would be fine for a mini golf course! Unfortunately, all the lake had that year was rain, and not just showers – torrential downpours! Not great for an outdoor business. But they fought through the many delays in opening, early closings, and days where they could not open at all and are happy to say that there have been no droughts since opening day!

Pictured above is Dylan Crosson, one of the original “dream team” crew members at Boardwalk Miniature Golf (submitted photos).

Mark and David were very fortunate when they began the whole process to have worked with a fantastic group of people including county workers, excavators, electricians, landscapers, loan officers, attorneys, and the owners of the property who worked tirelessly in getting the project going. Local businesses and residents were also wonderful in putting up with all the noise and mess.

The guys were extremely blessed to have hired what they called “the dream team” of employees who treated the place like they owned it as well and were able to help iron out all the kinks that came with starting a new business. Since then, they have found more wonderful people (including their own kids) either wanting to work weekends and evenings after school, when home for the summer from college, or adults just looking for part-time work.

Some of the many things that are unique about the course are that the first nine holes are handicapped accessible, there is beautiful landscaping, and it has a large waterfall. You can take your best shot over the hills, through the river, past the waterfall, and around all of the other obstacles put before you! Several people have commented that it is deceptively challenging. There is a board in the kiosk that posts the lowest scorer each season of both employees and customers. To add even more fun on the Boardwalk, there is an arcade next door that has racing games, pinball machines, Skee-Ball, air hockey, foosball, and prize games. It is all a great place for birthday parties, church gatherings, or any other exciting event.