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Vacation Rentals

Dockside Realty Vacation Rentals

11006 Kentucky Springs Rd, Mineral VA 23117

Phone: 540-894-9400 or 855-894-9400



Whether you are looking for a vacation rental, long term or during an outage

give us a call. If you are looking to have your lake house earn you some

money, we can help.

Lake Anna Realty Vacation Rentals

1425 New Bridge Road

Mineral, VA 23117

Phone: 540-842-8437



Your first stop for that picture perfect vacation rental. Call me for information

about your Vacation Property.


Animal Medical Center of Louisa

Dr. Kristine F. Jones

Dr. Kathy Campbell

4494 Davis Highway

Louisa, VA 23093

Phone: 540-967-3132

Fax: 540-967-9224


The Animal Medical Center’s knowledgeable staff provides caring medical

services for your canine and feline friends.

Vineyards / Wineries

Cooper Vineyards

13372 Shannon Hill Road

Louisa, VA 23093

Phone: 540-894-5474