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Septic Systems / Service

American Tank Cleaning

Phone: 1-800-360-1269 or 540-226-3133

Fax: 540-872-4541


Health department approved. Quick service with four trucks. State

recommends pumping septic tanks every 3-5 years.

Lakeside Electric & Septic Services

Septic Pumping and Residential Plumbing

4344 Davis Highway

Louisa, VA 23093

Phone: 540-967-3000

Fax: 540-967-3079



Got a problem with your septic or plumbing system? Call us – we’re here to

help! We also handle septic inspections and certifications.


Sacrascape, LLC

4505 Partlow Rd

Partlow, VA 22534

Phone: 540-582-2397

Fax: 540-582-2397



A full-service renewable energy contractor. We specialize in engineering and

installing innovative renewable energy solutions for residential and commercial

properties. Custom designed systems proven! Innovative, cutting edge

technologies. Made in Virginia. Let us help you determine the best approach to

reduce your energy needs. Positive Return on Investment!

Stone / Pavers

Stone Center

8241 Jefferson Davis Highway