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Lake Anna Physical Therapy

Virginia Rehab Centers

1334 Moody Town Rd

Bumpass, VA 23024

Phone/Fax: 540-872-5057



Lake Anna PT provides an individualized, custom treatment program where you

and your therapist together direct the goals of your personal road to recovery.


Bernie Cogar Plumbing Services

13755 Sullivan Rd

Spotsylvania, VA 22252

Phone: 540-854-0601

Cell: 540-845-3400



Cogar Plumbing can serve ALL your plumbing needs, we’re here to serve.

Thank you and have a great day and ask for Bernie.

David Light Jr., Inc.

7332 Grand Brooks Rd

Spotsylvania, VA 22551

Phone: 540-538-1862

Fax: 540-895-5144



Servicing all plumbing needs from water heaters to well pumps, leaky faucets

to pipes for over 30 years. Commercial, residential, and new construction.

Class A contractor.

JSJ Plumbing Corp

342 Robertson Town Rd

Bumpass, VA 23024

Phone: 804-556-3472

Fax: 804-556-9162

Cell: 804-241-6513

25 years’ experience. New construction, renovations & repairs, water filters,

well pumps, gas piping, light commercial.